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    Fountainhead International Stretch Pro

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    Fountainhead International Stretch Pro

    StretchPro for Mac/PC
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    Stretching should be a vital part of everyone's daily routine It increases blood circulation and flexibility, reduces stress., promotes better concentration, and prevents injury. Because of hectic schedules and time constraints, however, it is the one activity most often overlooked or forgotten.

    StretchPro 1.1 is an app that reminds you to take regular stretch breaks throughout the day - whether you're at the office, at home, in the airport, or simply on the go - with simple but effective stretches presented in both video and text form. The stretches provided cover stress points including eyes, neck, shoulders, back, wrists and legs, to help prevent or reduce discomfort, muscle strain, fatigue, stress, and injury. Soothing videos demonstrate the correct way to perform each stretch. You may select any one of 20 videos, focus on one area of the body, view them all from head to toe, or play in shuffle mode. In addition to stretches, the app also includes eye and breathing exercises, and health tips.

    Taking note that many spend a good part of their day seated, StretchPro emphasizes the absolute necessity of stretching at regular intervals. Incorporating these breaks has the effect of promoting mental clarity, effectiveness, and a positive mood. StretchPro provides you with the perfect means for staying healthy, easily.

    * Balanced program of stretches for all major areas of the body
    * Stretching coach for exercises
    * Simple and easy set up and personalization with Settings Guide
    * Videos cover eyes, neck, shoulders, chest, back, wrists, fingers, and legs
    * Stretching & rest break alerts based on preferred settings
    * Option for hearing-impaired users
    * Ideal for use in the office, at home, on the road, traveling, or anytime
    * Relieves stress and prevents injury
    * Benefits people of all ages

    System Requirements:
    * Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    * Windows XP or later



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